Season 2020

conservative investor

Team Predictability CI Yield


Measure of a team's predictability when playing away games.

Predictability is defined as winning games a team is expected to win and correspondingly losing games when the odds suggests the team is expected to lose. A team with high predictability is more likely to return a profit on investment than a team with low predictability whilst playing away games on the assumption that the outcome selected follows the odds.

Magnitude emphasises the degree of predictability in the outcome of the game. The higher, the more assured the punter can be in selecting that team

CI Yield calculates the return where the investor follows the odds for every team game


investment day

Period Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total
* rolling 12 month


Analyses how predictable (see Conservative Investor) games are by day of week.

For example, if 24 games are played in February on a Wednesday, and 7 games resulted in an unpredicatble outcome, the result would be 7/24 = 29%. Therefore, lower percentages offer a greater likelihood of return


is statistically the best day to invest on the assumption that the outcome selected follows the odds (minimum 10 matches played).